Detroit Meth Addiction Treatment

Detroit meth addiction treatment has become a necessary service due to the growing number of addicts in the area. Meth addiction is also a serious problem in the United States, with methamphetamine users having some of the highest rates of recidivism after rehabilitation among all of the illicit drug users. Methamphetamine comes in two general forms, crystal and powdered. The former is more potent than the other and is primarily taken intravenously by injection. The powdered form is the less potent form that is most often used by first-time users and those who do not yet have a meth addiction.

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About Meth

Powdered meth is the "entry" form that leads to addiction and eventual hardcore use. Often referred to as "speed" or "tina," powdered methamphetamine crystals are usually snorted, smoked or dissolved in drinks. Sometimes it is eaten directly.

Crystal meth is taken with needles intravenously or smoked with a glass pipe. It's often referred to as "ice" or "crystal.

When taken, methamphetamine gives a rush of energy, confidence, and a feeling of well-being. These effects last up to 12 hours. Addiction usually comes rapidly, often with the first or second use, as the effects of meth are very potent.

Effects of Meth

Meth causes the brain to release large amounts of dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and happiness. This heavy release of dopamine, however, depletes the brain's stores and if methamphetamine is used before those stores are replenished, the high will not be as great. Worse, repeated use of meth causes the breakdown of dopamine receptors in the brain, making them less effective. Since most users use well before that happens, the result is the requirement that they take more and more meth to get the same effects. This leads quickly to addiction, as the more that is used, the less likely it's going to work as well. The brain's chemistry eventually changes, and as a result the coming down from methamphetamine use gets lower each time, leading to serious mental health issues.


Methamphetamine is highly addictive and recovering from a meth addiction is difficult, but not impossible. Detoxification can be dangerous, and is best done with Detroit addiction specialists while long-term therapy and care will lend a far higher chance of long-term sobriety than would be had otherwise. After treatment is complete, patients are encouraged to attend a local Narcotics Anonymous meeting ( Don't let meth addiction take over your life. Call relapse prevention centers in Detroit today!

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