Heroin Addiction Strikes the Young Adults of Detroit MI

Teenage drug addiction is most likely one of the easiest to spot. Grades begin to slip; isolation tendencies and lack of interest in life in general are warning signs that your teenager may be using drugs. In any event, these changes in behavior pattern are significant enough to warrant adult intervention. Heroin addiction in teenagers usually begin at parties where everyone is drinking and using marijuana before graduating on to heroin. Another gateway to heroin use is also being attributed to the epidemic of prescription drug abuse.

Although heroin use had almost disappeared by the late 1990s, the drug has made a significant come back. Heroin is a deadly drug whose use has escalated from being used on city streets to the suburbs and rural areas of Detroit. The unfortunate part of this story is that it appears to be very attractive to teenagers.

Heroin is a highly addictive substance of abuse because it is the fastest acting of the opiates. It is typically sold as a white or brownish powder or as the black sticky substance known on the streets as "black or Mexican tar". It is also called "smack", "H", "skag", and "junk".

Parents, teachers and mentors can help to save lives by educating themselves about Heroin and knowing the tell-tale signs of inappropriate drug use.

Your teenager may be abusing heroin or other drugs if...

  • There is an obvious change in their behavior and habits.
  • They are skipping or showing up late for classes.
  • There is a change in personal hygiene.
  • They spend more time alone and seem lethargic.
  • They lie about where they are going and how long they will be gone.
  • They are stealing money or selling things they value for money.
  • They seem irritable, anxious or depressed.

According to health records, there has been a 41 percent jump in the number of heroinaddicts admitted to local Michigan Department of Community Health-funded programs. This increase is being attributed to the wide spread drug abuse of prescription pills. While parents and teachers cannot monitor what their teens do in most social environments; parents in particular can pay closer attention to doctor prescribed drug use.

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